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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Longwood Loop different from other markets, or grocery stores?

Longwood Loop is focused on connecting hyper-local, small and emerging producers with their own communities.  This means our primary source of fruits and veges is your neighbours, and not a big company.  We ensure that no buyer or producer has to travel more than 10km to pick up or drop off produce by maintaining local trading posts at each town on the Longwood Loop.

We support even the smallest producers, and operate as a trust (not a corporation) focused on giving as much of the purchase price back to producers as possible.   If a fifth of Western Southland spends only a portion of their food budget weekly on local producers, we return over $100,000 a month back to our communities!

For Buyers

What can I buy?

Longwood Loop aims to include producers that offer a wide range of local fruit and veges, as well as handmade goods like soap.  This will continue to evolve as we find new producers and new needs in the Western Southland community.

Unless otherwise specified, all producers use natural, organic, spray-free methods of producing fruit and vegetables.

Producers aim to minimise packaging and to use natural, compostable materials where appropriate.

How do I place an order?

You can browse available items and place orders when our shop is open, from Mondays at 10am to Wednesdays at 4pm by clicking the Shop link at the top of the page.

How do I pay for my order?

When you order from Longwood Loop, you pay with a single direct bank transfer, no matter how many vendors you buy from.  We'll take care of splitting up the purchase and getting the payment back to the vendors.

When are orders delivered, and how do I pick up my order?

We offer delivery to trading posts around the Longwood Loop every Thursday.  We currently offer pick up and drop off in the following towns:

Tuatapere,  Riverton,  Thornbury,  Fairfax,  Otautau,  Wairio,  Nightcaps,  Ohai,  Orawia,  Scott's Gap,  Clifden,  Orepuki

Delivery locations

For Producers

What can I sell on the Loop?

Basically, anything that could be bought at a traditional farmers market. Veges, fruit, honey, mushrooms, products directly related to growing food such as egg collecting baskets (made from local materials), preserves, ferments, eggs, meat, plants (edible and useful) and so on. The majority of the inputs should be sourced from your property or nearby (you should be in Western Southland area).

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Producer! To get started, send us a note using the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page or via e-mail at and tell us what you are interested in selling, where you are, and anything else about you that you'd like to share.

How do I know when an order is placed?  How does pick up of orders work?

We collect orders from 10 am Monday morning until 4 pm Wednesday afternoon, and submit the order details to you for any items purchased by Wednesday evening.

We meet producers at the following pickup points on Thursdays:

Tuatapere,  Riverton,  Thornbury,  Fairfax,  Otautau,  Wairio,  Nightcaps,  Ohai,  Orawia,  Scott's Gap,  Clifden,  Orepuki

How and when do I get paid for my orders?

Currently, we are organising payments through South Coast Environment Society weekly on the Tuesday after delivery.

How much can I make?

Producers set their own price for their produce or goods.  We add a 10% fee for Longwood Loop operations (e.g. drivers, electricity for the van).

Are there instructions for setting up and managing my items?

Check out for details on how to manage products, inventory, and your profile on the Open Food Network shop that we use to run Longwood Loop.

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