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Welcome to the Longwood Loop

We're bringing local back - connecting small and emerging producers around western Southland with local buyers.

Interested in being a buyer or producer?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details, or send us a note using the Contact Us page (or at

How to order

Our shop is open weekly from 

10 am Monday until 4pm Wednesday.

Click the Shop link from 10 am Monday to 4pm Wednesday to see what's on offer and place an order. Once you have selected your delivery point, make sure to select Payment type (Direct Payment option) and click the 'Place order now' button, which sends your order through to us. Please confirm you have received a confirmation email for your order - if you do not receive an email, your order did not go through.


Need to pay for your order?  Send a direct bank payment to 03-1355-0724408-02 and include your last name in the reference field.

How to collect

Delivery is made to local drop-off points around the Loop on Thursdays.

Buyers will need to provide a cell phone to receive updates on the delivery times. The van sends notifications 10 minutes prior to arrival at the designated location for your town.

Buyers who are not available to meet the van will be given a local pick-up point to collect their order later in the day.

What can I buy?

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