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Hospice Honey

Hospice honey is a socially responsible honey business based in Fairfax, Southland New Zealand.

Roundhill Farm


We here at RoundHill Farm have a small farmlet at Roundhill near Colac Bay.

Here my daughter Isla and myself have a small garden in one of our paddocks that we have started in 2023 for loop production. There is also 3 orchard areas with my favourite being our food forest where the ducks and chickens rummage and scrummage all day long.


 There were a few hurdles along the way but a match and fine weather, blood sweat and tears, soon put an end to the troublesome stumps in the ground.


We had a fantastic grower who helped us with our initial seedlings and we are very grateful for all her hard work and dedication, not to mention patience with getting the numbers of plants ready for us to be able to plant at the right time. 


We farm and garden organically and prefer the use of netting and chickens to deal with bugs.


My desire when setting up our Paddock Patch is to provide good fresh food for the peoples around our community at a reasonable price.


We grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, along with fresh free range chicken and duck eggs, and my husband traps possum from which we sell plucked legs for pet food.


We want to support the community and thank all those who support us and the other suppliers through the open food network.

Passionate Permies


Just outside Tuatapere, Evita and Dylan aim to grow nutritionally dense, poison free produce. We minimise use of plastics, compost using worms, and add biochar to improve the soil.

Aparima College

The Aparima School and Community Gardens are vegetable gardens and foragable spaces for students and the community. The gardens are located behind Aparima College just at the edge of the Estuary mouth. Everything you purchase from us goes to support our aims to get students outside, growing food for themselves and their community, and eating healthy, fresh, nutritious food! Thanks for your support.

Aparima College garden.JPG

Gardens for Life

We are a small family run plant nursery.  As a family we love challenging ourselves to live as simply as we can and we encourage wild life to live amongst our home garden.

In our plant nursery we love growing huge trees from tiny seeds and all the billions of other wonderful plants, including berry bushes, herbs, nitrogen fixing plants, useful timber plants and biomass producing plants (everything really). We are crazy for growing food too - so you may see some vegetables of ours as well. 

Our plants are grown with care but are not pampered. We test most plants (for resiliency) by growing them in our garden for a year before we make any claims. Any plants that do not sell are planted in our garden (that is how much we love the plants we grow). We use recycled pots (happy to have pots returned to us) and Tui weedfree compost (we hope to eventually make our own compost in the future). Thanks for all your support!

wild south honey.jpg

Wild South Honey

We run 400 beehives in the western Southland region. Since founding in 1996, Wild South Honey has remained at Bluecliffs Beach Road in Tuatapere where we process our honey; from the hive to the jar!


Tasty Veg @Holt Cottage

A half acre garden shared by Mike (vegetables) and Faimie (fruit, flowers, habitat and design decisions, admin). We try to grow as much of our own food as possible while trying to have a light footprint on the planet and use as few chemicals as possible. We compost as much of our garden waste as possible but do bring in potting mix and weeping wall dairy farm solids. We love encouraging birds, bees and other small creatures and try to offer an interesting habitat which is a mix of natives and exotics. We are starting to experiment with companion planting and rotting undesirable weeds in water. We grow all our vegetables from seed and buy our seeds from both Kings and Egmont catalogues. We have three small glasshouses and additionally grow a range of fruit trees, heritage apples along with decorative flower areas. Our aim is to feed ourselves and sell any surplus. Faimie endeavors to record mostly her garden activities, though the tidy gardener Mike does get a look in sometimes.


Fresh, naturally grown produce, plants, herbs and eggs from South Hillend, Southland. Using permaculture growing methods that help provide a mini eco system to local wildlife, while producing delicious food! 

Ellwood Farm


Guyton's Forest Garden

Our forest garden has been grown up over 28 years and is very diverse. As well as fruit and nut trees and berries we have a wide range of wild foods and perennial vegetables that can be foraged.

We have worked using organic methods from the beginning and the established microbiology will ensure their produce is packed with nutrients!

We enjoy sharing our produce especially the tastes of less known food sources which you can learn to source elsewhere.

forest garden Guyton.jfif

Nicky is fairly new to the area, and has been busy creating The Shepherds Hut garden in Ohai. She trys to be as spray free as possible and has built her garden using layering methods and some permaculture principles. The vege garden is also planted with flowers and plants to attract bees and other beneficial insects. You might find the odd hole in a cabbage leaf, or a slug in your lettuce....yup, this is real fresh! 

Nicky hopes you enjoy her home grown veges as much as she does.

The Shepherd's Hut

Nicola Fryer.jpg

Heather's Hazels

Hazelnuts grown near Drummond by Heather and sold as raw or raosted nuts or other value added products such as granola made to order.

Nuts are cracked by a hand powered machine and then picked out one by one.

heather's hazels.jpg
IMG20221215153116 (1).jpg

Imbizi Farm


Imbizi farm is a small farmlet on the outskirts of Otautau on the flood plains of the Aparima river. Edwin is a retired dairy farmer with a horticultural background, Fungai is a teacher at Takitimu with green fingers and has a passion for gardening. Mako is a high school student and the muscle of the operations. While studying horticulture in college Edwin did a paper on mushrooms and that ignited the passion for growing mushrooms and when he retired from dairying   he built a mushroom farm in a disused sheep woolshed. We use wheat straw obtained from a local grain farmer as our growing medium. In the spring we raise calves in a purpose-built calf shed and that provides the manure for the garden as well as compost from the garden waste.  The potatoes are grown on virgin ground in rotation with pasture. Our produce is spray free.

20231111_110019_HDR (1).jpg

Last Light Lodge

Last Light Lodge, in Tuatapere, created its first vegetable gardens in 2011, and we began to plant heritage fruit trees as well. First, it was to provide our restaurant with fresh produce, but then we use more and more space and we can sell what we have as extras. We don't use any pesticides or chemicals, only natural help.
We use also our produce to make jams, jellies, chutneys, relishes, sauces, unique exceptional flavours concocted by our Chef Craig. If you wish to have them shipped contact us by email and we will figure the cost.


Good Guise

We produce Paneer, Queso Fresco and variations from the very fresh real raw milk from our own dairy cows. 

GoodGuise logo.png

Ohai Eggs


Home grown free range eggs

winter meal.jpg

Packed with Goodness

We are based in Otautau and are a manufacturer of gluten-free, lactose-free, mini meals branded as Pyeanna. We grow some of the vege and buy the remainder.

vege bake.jpg

OrangeFern Bakes

Hi, my name is Nathalie and I am from the Netherlands. I have been living with my partner in Otautau for the last 13 years. We now have 3 little girls to enrich our lives. We wanted to give them a bit more knowledge of their heritage by making some typical Dutch treats. 

Originally we started the home bakery journey with OrangeFern Bakes to raise funds to see my dad when he turned 80 in the Netherlands. We had a lovely family holiday last year and celebrated this milestone at my parents home. 

We decided to continue with OrangeFern Bakes after that holiday to spend more time together as a family. You will often see one of the girls coming along to the market with us proud to share their apple pie knowledge.   

orangefern bakes.jpg

Blooming Boulders

We grow and bunch everything ourselves. Our flowers are nurtured from seed to bloom right here on our life style block in Tuatapere.


We have roughly 800m2 dedicated to cut flowers and we enjoy the beauty of growing so many flowers. We love what we produce and we hope you will too.

If you are looking for anything in particular, you are more then welcome to contact us: 

Call 0274759075 or email

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