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Annemarie’s Veges and Fruit

Everything I grow is grown without using any sprays including any organically certified sprays. I use manure from the farm, usually a combination of cow manure with a bit of chicken and goat manure and I use green crop regularly.

Aparima College

The Aparima School and Community Gardens are vegetable gardens and foragable spaces for students and the community. We have been providing fresh veggies for students every lunch time since school has been back in session, and make available veggies to students and staff to bring home. Everything you purchase from us goes supports our aims to get students outside, growing food for themselves and their community, and eating healthy, fresh, nutritious food! Thanks for your support.

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Brightview Eggs

Brightview Free Range eggs are a proud little family owned and operated business nestled in the rolling hills of Wairio. Spread across two hen houses we have 500 hens that we move around the farm.

They live a wonderful life - completely free range! We think their wonderful lifestyle is why we get such a great egg from them - big, with a delicious bright yolk! We hope you enjoy our eggs as much as we do! 

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Cedar Cottage Produce

Hi I am Glynn.  Kevin and I moved to Riverton from Dunedin nearly 5 years ago.
We bought a 1/4 acre bare horse paddock 4 years ago, put a little house from Queenstown on it and our garden has been evolving ever since.  Not everyone knows us but most people seem to know where we live as when I explain that I live in the little black house most people comment that they have enjoyed watching the development of our property. 
We both enjoy pottering in the garden and of course nothing tastes better than freshly picked home grown veges!

Hospice Honey

Hospice honey is a community based business that proudly supports Hospice Southland. Beekeeping is my passion so I look after my bees in a careful way so we can nurture them to produce delicious honey. Hospice honey is specially crafted from the Clover Fields in Southland to ensure the customers get the end product consistently.


Making the community a happier place is a goal we should all strive for. My ambition is to become a commercial beekeeper that produces a quality product time after time while at the same time making the community a happier place. I believe that every terminally ill person in need of palliative care should have the access they need. To fulfil my mission I have decided to combine two elements: a passion for our honey bees and a love for hospice. We never know when we may need hospice in our lives so I've decided to start giving back now.


As a result I have decided to donate a certain percentage of my sales to hospice, which makes the community a stronger happier place. I'm a proud beekeeper knowing that the community is benefiting from both my bees and work.


Just as the bees help each other in colonies we need to help each other in our daily lives. Caring for others makes us better people and people around us happier. Just like a honey bee does when they nurture those surrounding them.

Learn more about Hopsice Honey or order any time at our website:

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Nicky is fairly new to the area, and has been busy creating The Shepherds Hut garden in Ohai. She trys to be as spray free as possible and has built her garden using layering methods and some permaculture principles. The vege garden is also planted with flowers and plants to attract bees and other beneficial insects. You might find the odd hole in a cabbage leaf, or a slug in your lettuce....yup, this is real fresh! 

Nicky hopes you enjoy her home grown veges as much as she does.

The Shepherd's Hut

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